Naval Gazing

In Scotland, we are blessed with one day of summer each year. That day was yesterday, the 31st July and if you missed it, then you‘ll just have to wait another year for next summer.

Ever Patient Husband is a keen weather watcher and had declared earlier in the week that we would be going for jolly outing to catch mackerel at our favourite beach, Seacliffe. It’s a private beach and you have to pay £3 to get on it, but its well worth it. Golden sand, clear blue sea and no toilet facilities means that most people don’t bother going there as its a bit of a faff to pee in the bushes behind the beach and not be seen by anyone parking their car. I know because I found myself scrambling through spikey bushes, stinging nettles and small spiders the other week when I was caught short.

Despite my clambering into the undergrowth, I was convinced the grandad having his flask of tea in the dunes could still see me. Oh well.

Youngest Daughter and I had taken Friday off to enjoy the one day of heat that was on offer. Having nearly burnt myself out on Zoom prior to our adventures on the Costa Del Yorkshire, I vowed to work only four days per week and so Friday is my day off.

We had pottered about, visiting my brother and his lovely wife, eating brunch at a local cafe and generally had a chilled day. We arrived home late afternoon and began preparing a picnic for our evening fishing escapades. Ever Patient Husband had muttered something about a disposable BBQ at the beach, an idea which I had immediately quashed due to the epic faff factors involved. I think he was hoping he’d catch a mackerel that we could cook. I was not so hopeful.

EPH arrived home after a very stressful week at work, all grumpy and rushing around as though the sea would disappear and the sky was going to fall in. Youngest Daughter looked at me and asked,

”Is dad in a grumpy mood?”

“Yes, he is.” And we exchanged knowing looks.

Eddie jumped in the front passenger seat, eager as any dog can be for an adventure they know nothing about. I attempted soothing conversations with EPH and asked him nicely whether he’d had a difficult day. Apparently he had and I dropped the subject, choosing instead to focus on the weather and how cute Eddie was now he’d had his haircut.

As an aside, Eddie is now an Instagram Influencer. Only a day after allowing Youngest Daughter to have an Instagram account, I discovered @eddie_cutedog203 on my Instagram feed and pictures of my very own Eddie beaming up at me from my phone.

“Erm, Eddie appears to have his own Instagram account.” I ventured in a conversation with Youngest Daughter.

”Oh, yeah, I created one for him. He only has 12 followers though, not as many as me.”

I sighed inwardly as I realised for the fifty billionth time this summer that Youngest Daughter was heading to high school soon and the sweet, adorable, polite and biddable girl was about to change.

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